Online Food Delivery, London, UK (<1M turnover)

The Issue:

Private Equity Investor looking to plug the gap between convenience meals and recipe boxes

TasteBed Activity:

  • Start-up services: 4-5 days per week over 10 months
  • Concept development
  • Food development, production, technical information & food marketing content
  • Business strategy
  • Operational pilots
  • Offline marketing pilots
  • Accounting set up, inc cashflow mgt

Value Add:

  • Multiple ‘product market fit’ iteration
  • Multiple operational models trialed
  • C 100 menu developed and de-bugged
Jasper is a creative genius who has food and the business of food in his core DNA. He is super fast, comes up with 10 new ideas a day, and always demonstrates great empathy with customers and colleagues. At a personal level, it’s been a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to doing more together.