Gourmet Burger Restaurants, Regional, UK (4 units)

The Issue:

Privately funded successfully piloted business seeking crowdfunded growth capital to accelerate expansion into attractive market niche

TasteBed Activity:

CrowdFunder package: advisory retainer over 16 weeks

  • Crowd-funding strategy
  • Financial modeling
  • Marketing collateral
  • Project management
  • Sales tracking
  • Sales support

Value Add:

  • Best in class marketing collateral
  • Streamlined team process
  • Reduction of owner time commitment
  • (Campaign closes July 2016 – results to follow)
Jasper has been an invaluable resource in the development of our young business. His vast range of skills have helped give us the confidence to branch into areas we perhaps would not have considered. He brings great energy, a wise head and a voice that commands attention. We would not hesitate to recommend him to others and look forward to involving him in future projects.