TasteBed helps food business owners and managers step-change their growth, sales and profits.


At the end of the day, it's about raising the right amount at the right price from the right sources to the right time scale, for the current phase of your business journey.

There are a lot more funding options out there now, but that does not make getting it right as easy as the success stories might make it sound.

TasteBed has the experience and contacts to help you navigate your various funding options, determine your best option and then secure it.




Maybe your operation is not delivering the reality it was supposed to?

Not trading enough, in the right ways, or at the right times? Maybe the original concept was not correctly realised. Maybe some real-world learnings need to be incorporated.

Either way, TasteBed can help your food business take the operational and other steps required to make your business model a profitable reality, maximising your trading capacity, sales and profits throughout your trading day and week.




Increasingly larger corporates want to birth their own new concepts and brands, rather than buying them in, sometimes at premiums that can scupper their long-term viability, particularly if they trade lower than hoped.

TasteBed helps you bring start-up skills in house, to be more entrepreneurial and accelerate your business development cycle, to launch more viable concepts faster and cheaper.




How does your business idea solve your target customers’ problems? How might you make money from it? What skills might you need to commercialise it? How much money might you need to pilot it? What funding options do you have?

Typically answering questions like these credibly takes a combination of realism, imagination and clarity.

TasteBed helps start-ups reduce their risk, improve their fundability, get trading and start growing.




So you are up and trading, but not yet profitable. Welcome to the hard stretch from start-up to profit. Which market to focus on? Which product or service to focus on? How to make sense of the contradictory signals from team, management, customers, vendors and press? What is your best next step?

TasteBed helps early growth business base their decisions on the most relevant data and apply their limited resources to pursue the most profitable avenues.




Most offline businesses now have some form of online presence. How much is right for your business? What should it be focused on? How much effort and resource should you devote to it?

TasteBed helps companies formulate and deliver the right e-commerce strategy for their growth plans and for the rest of their offline activity.




98% of the 461M inhabitants of the world’s top 50 cities live outside the UK. The UK has a historical knack for innovating new products, services and industries. As our world becomes increasingly globalised, we need to consider potentially moving earlier towards overseas markets.

TasteBed helps companies considering overseas markets evaluate and take initial steps into these markets, often – but not only - through franchising.




Franchising is increasingly considered a growth option for all types of businesses, including more premium brands. As a franchisor you will leverage the value of your Intellectual Property and know how by partnering it with the capital and local knowledge and capabilities of franchisees in new growth markets.

In our superconnected world of increasing transparency, franchisors need to work harder for their franchise fees but in doing so become even more essential to their franchisees, and develop a more sustainable model of mutual benefit.

TasteBed helps companies franchise for the first time or reboot their franchising - typically but not only overseas - to deliver more stable and sustainable franchise fees and franchise growth.




Very few successful businesses were successful from day one. Often we need to reboot: to review our position and trajectory and ask if the same team and resources could get us to a better place, and if so, how.

TasteBed helps establishes business stop, look, listen and redirect their combined energies towards the most profitable destination within their reach.




And sometimes you have the right product, the right market, sufficient funding, but not enough sales resource (or the wrong kind of sales resource).

TasteBed can help you build your sales pipeline and improve your sales capability and resource to bring those sales in and grow more.


There is so much innovation in the food space right now, worldwide, and especially in London. Where to begin? How to make sense of it?

TasteBed shares market insight with clients, helping them pick and choose or step over potential trends and innovations that could accelerate or threaten their business.