Jasper has food and the business of food in his core DNA. He is super fast, comes up with 10 new ideas a day, and always demonstrates great empathy with customers and colleagues.

What is a food business development consultant?

Put simply, I help food businesses step-change their revenues, or transform their food business in some other way. I started working with food in my teens, first-jobbed as a management consultant then fused skills to become a food business entrepreneur and consultant.

I co-founded London salad bar chain Chop'd in 2004. Chop'd now has 13 stores and is expanding within and beyond the capital.  I've also worked in and on other people's food businesses - more than 10 over 20 years, in the UK and abroad. 

I love food - putting good real food into busy real lives. I love business - development, strategy, planning and execution. I love helping people find solutions and create value. And I love a challenge - if it was easy, you would not need any help with it.

TasteBed specialities include operational fixes and business reboots, crowdfunding and private funding, start-ups, early growth, corporate venturing, franchising, export, e-commerce, sales support and market insight.

It's always interesting to hear about other people's passions and ventures. Please do get in touch.